An Ability To Rise

Risé was named after the opera star Risë Stevens. It was as if her mother knew that Risé was not meant to be written into the family’s tragedies. In fact, from a young age Risé found a way to rise above the chaos, abuse, and molestation of her childhood, eventually escaping the weight of her family, and learning to love and believe in herself. This story is a testament to her deep determination and innate courage.

“Once in a while a story comes along that stays with you long after you’ve finished the last page. Risé’s journey of hope and recovery encapsulates the determination of the human spirit as experienced by an innocent little girl… For the reader who personally relates to Risé’s story — don’t ever, ever give up”
- Kathy Pahlow, Author of The Currency of Love
“Rise” is an inspiring read, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one afternoon! The childhood journey of this little girl left me wanting to know more and more. It felt like I traveled through the author’s life and “rose above” as she did. It was humbling and empowering to witness the courage and determination of the human spirit. “Rise: A Memoir” will sit on my bookshelf with other classics such as Anne Morrow Lindberg’s “Gifts from the Sea”.
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Rise’ Myers story of her life that began with a horrific childhood is a glimpse of a life that could have failed but didn’t. Something in her gave her the ambition to move away from the terrible and embrace a future filled with possibilities. Her tenacity and drive to RISE above and become a successful woman is encouraging and inspirational.
A good, easy read. But, keep a box of tissues near by.
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I loved this book. It’s an amazing story and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I appreciated the courage of the author in sharing her traumatic experiences and her determination in turning her life around is a true inspiration. This book will stay with you and give you hope. It’ll show you that you CAN conquer the world, if you want to. Awesome, awesome read!!
Square Root on Amazon
This book illustrates the resiliency of the human spirit. The horrific upbringing endured by this young girl didn’t deter her at any phase. This inspiring story will surely leave you feeling hopeful about the darkness in yours or anyone’s life as the story takes you into the light as Rise’ clearly rises above it all.
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I’m not a reader but my daughter came to me with this book and stood over me until I was hooked. By page 5 it was clear that nothing could stop me from reading every word. What an incredible story this is. Risé Myers generosity in sharing her past makes this awesome book one of a kind.
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Boy, she has been through a lot and really has risen above them. Even though she had a lot of challenges and made some bad decisions, she worked to rise above them, as shown by her desire to do better financially. Several wise “angels” were put into her life to guide and teach her, and she was smart to stick with them to learn about life and relationships. Very inspirational book.
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“Rise: A Memoir” is so special and inspiring; I could not put it down! It is an incredible story of hope, healing, courage and determination. How brave and inspiring to share such a journey! A must read.
Read the book in one day, could not put it down. Talking about rising above your circumstances and trying to better it…everyone should read this book, excellent, honest, gut wrenching.
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This is an amazing book. Not only is it well written but the story is extremely moving. Rise is a testament to the accomplishments people can achieve with faith and determination. She’s truly an inspiration.
OMG. I’m an avid reader but I’ve NEVER finished a book in one sitting. Risé, your story moved me to tears, to laughter, and to gratitude that our paths crossed in this lifetime. What courage it took to write this memoir, what a miracle you are, and how lucky I am to know you. I just want to throw my arms around you right now and give you the biggest hug. Thank you for putting your WHOLE self out there. I’m sure your story will help many others recover and heal. May your light continue to shine forever, one day at a time.
Michelle C

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