Laughter, the shortest distance between friends

Whether near or far, friends are one of the keys to happiness and feelings of self-worth. And laughing with friends... there's really nothing better.

Alan Turing Really Gets It

I love this quote by Alan Turing -- it speaks volumes about everyone's ability to rise.  And when we believe in ourselves we can do things that even we can't imagine. If we believe, we can achieve... I know this to be true and hope that you do too.

Motivation & Inspiration – Katy Perry Rise

Katy Perry speaks to everyone who has faced adversity with this incredibly powerful song. It confirms that you will succeed, that you are on the right path. Trust... Your destiny is to rise.

Jumping for Joy!

My BFF Suzanne and I are over-the-moon about finishing the layout of RISE: a novel. This is real now!

First Book Signing

How wonderful that my great friend Julie's book is the first one I got to sign.

Gratitude is the Attitude

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  

Having a Baby

When I put this out on Social Media yesterday I got 2 types of responses. "Congratulations, Risé! Are you having a boy or a girl?  And "Wow, Risé, I'm thrilled about your memoir!" Guess who didn't watch the 48 second video!  Too funny.  I hope you'll watch it and get to meet my "baby". [...]

Life Happens For You

This took me a long time to learn, but once I got it, it stuck. Are you with me on this?

Girl On Fire

I used to play this song every morning to start my day feeling empowered. The words reminded me to be a strong, powerful woman! Does it do the same for you?

Life’s a Beach…with Friends

My sister Renee and I were in Hawaii and found that our friend Francoise was too!  Close family and friends make this journey of live so much better. Reach out for this kind of support, it makes the best times even better and can sure lift you up when things are rough.